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About Us

Who are we?

Solcrypto has a diversified team that has a long history and involvement in the solar industry, cryptography, security and IoT industries globally. Our organization is decentralized, with the main core team based in Hong-Kong with advisers in the Asia Pacific region and the UK including coders, developers, designers and security experts. Solcrypto has a joint venture with the Chain of things to form Solcrypto JV in Hong-Kong.

Additionally, Solcrypto is using our long-term experience and expertise in Solar energy prediction modelling to build a machine learning nearest neighbours SolarCoin verification algorithm. This pre-predicts how many SolarCoin`s will be generated according to the nearest neighbours geo-ID. Solcrypto engineers have already spent about 4000 engineering hours on research and development into this methodology and process.


Adam Vaziri

Adam Vaziri

Director & Blockchain Lawyer, JV Management, Strategy

Blockchain expert and expert crypto lawyer.

Luke Johnson

Luke Johnson (M.Phil)

Co-Founder and CEO

Solar Engineering, management, blockchain-energy expert, data-logger testing and quality control. Co-Founder of ElectriCChain.

Doug Irwin

Doug Irwin

Director & Full Stack Manufacturing

Full stack design, supply chain and manufacturing engineering.

Conor Colwell

Conor Colwell

Director & Strategy Analyst

Blockchain specialist, macro trend analysis, logistics and startup development.

Hans Lombardo

Hans Lombardo (Ph.D)

Director & Blockchain Expert

Blockchain expert and journalist, deep industry analysis.


Francois Sonnet

ElectriCChain, Advisor

Solar Consultant, Co-Founder of ElectriCChain. External Advisor and Consultant for Solcrypto.


Solcrypto is working on some major projects inside the SolarCoin, IOTA and Ethereum ecosystems for blockchain connected dataloggers in the blockchain energy space. Please find a list of our project advisors and partners.


If you want to join the Solcrypto movement be sure to get into contact with us. You can also find us on Github,
Twitter and Facebook with the #solcrypto and #solarcoin hashtags.

Read more about SolarCoin or please read some our our news or FAQs articles for more information.

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