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SolarPi wins Smart Energy Hackathon mentored by Solcrypto.

Bangkok, Thailand, Sep 13. 2017 - After 29 long hours of coding all but one team managed to submit creative digital smart energy solutions to advance the energy transition in Southeast Asia. The winning team “SolarPi” developed a solution that logs solar energy production data, writes it to a blockchain and uses this record to automatically claim solarcoins (a cryptocurrency that incentivizes solar energy producers). Read more

Solcrypto in partnership with CoT chaired a discussion panel at Smart IoT Hong-Kong

May 27, 2017 - Solcrypto in partnership with CoT chaired a discussion panel at Smart IoT Hong-Kong on May 25th. This panel was setup to discuss the questions of interoperability between blockchains and IoT. Although some significant discussion was also spent explaining the main benefits that blockchain can bring to IoT in terms of identity, security and interoperability, the discussion also led into very exciting areas that will define the future of IoT. Also present on the panel were KYC Chain,, and All Things Connected. Read more

ElectriCChain ties in second to startup contest in Manila

May 27, 2017 - "New innovations and business models and technologies are disrupting the energy landscape, offering new solutions to solve age-old problems. 20 start ups at the Energy Innovation Arena , had the opportunity to take centre-stage and share how their innovations are disrupting the power industry at a worldwide level, and engaged with industry stakeholders, corporates, VCs, utilities and solar.

ElectriCChain pitches the SolarCoin ecosystem within the Energy Innovation Arena organized by Impact Hub, Manila’s leading Startup Incubator, during the 4th Power and Electricity World Philippines Congress held May 24th and 25th in Manila." Read the original article

Solcrypto in partnership with CoT attended the “Trusted IoT Alliance”

May 26, 2017 - Solcrypto in partnership with CoT attended the “Trusted IoT Alliance” that was setup by Skuchain for the first meeting in San Francisco, CA on the 18th of May. This alliance is a focus group consisting of many prominent IoT and blockchain companies that are interested in the crossover between blockchains and IoT. It is hoped that the sharing of information about the 15 pilot projects that are currently underway will progress the the aim is to build an open-source blockchain base layer. After this collaborating companies can then compete with the applications that are built on top. Solcrypto and CoT will continue to participate in these events and collaborations to improve our datalogger that is under development. Read more

European Parliament welcomes SolarCoin

March 20, 2017 - European Parliament takes action in Digital Assets: Fintech and blockchain initiatives such as a solar coin as well as research to achieve “environmentally responsible energy use and behaviour” are also welcomed, according to Amendment 162, in order to “reduce the environmental cost of Bitcoin-mining and related activities”. Read more

Solcrypto presented at SmartIoT London 2017.

London, UK, March 16. 2017 - At the SmartIoT London event which showcases the leading edge of developments in the IoT industry Solcrypto and ElectriCChain presented. Solcrypto detailed how our data logger technology was progressing and how we were able to connect a Raspberry Pi device as a full node to the SolarCoin blockchain. Read more

Solcrypto presented at BConference.

Abu Dhabi, UAE, December 8. 2016 - At the sub-event of the conference that had attendees from over 25 countries three organizations gave presentations that specifically linked the solar industry with the use of blockchain. These were CHAIN-OF-THINGS, SOLCRYPTO and the SUN EXCHANGE. This part of the conference was part of the unique panel "Chain of Solar". Read more

Solcrypto is making a joint venture with CoT.

July 1. 2016 - Solcrypto is making a joint venture with CoT and we are building our version 2 of our minimum viable product (MVP) in Hong-Kong/Shenzhen. This means, faster prototyping, faster scaling and more SolarCoin data-loggers in the future. We won't forget our first loyal Solcrypto users! And we will give you the chance to test these data-loggers pre-release and at no cost to you except a small SolarCoin donation for shipping. Read more

ElectriCChain presents a potential data solution for solar powered micro­finance and micro­grids globally at the Chain­of­things IoT, Blockchain and Security Conference in London.

LONDON, UK (PRWeb) June 4. 2016 - Trusted data about solar energy production and consumption is key to managing micro­grids and micro­finance for the bottom of the Pyramid. ElectriCChain presented a full stack data­logger that connects multiple blockchains to the digital output of solar energy plants at the Chain­of­things (CoT) consortium event at the Rainmaking Loft on June 2nd. Read more

Solcrypto is a member of the Chain of things (CoT) Consortium Participating in the IoT London Event on June 1st, 2016.

May 8. 2016 - Chain of Things (CoT), a consortium that supports collaborative development on an open source standard to secure Internet of Things (IoT) devices, today announced the launch of a case study on solar panels and a London conference on 1st of June 2016, covering blockchain-based IoT security. Read more

Solcrypto is a founding volunteer member organisation that is participating in the development of ElectriCChain.

January 20. 2016 - ElectriCChain is an Open Solar energy generation data project with an initial focus on verifying and publishing data from the 7 million solar energy generators globally on an open Blockchain. This tool is a technology enabler that helps us with our mission to understand the Solar Energy global resource in real-time accurately with real production data. This builds a base for a future civilization that is completely powered by renewable energy. Read more

Solcrypto summarizes 1-year of blockchain research in a ground breaking white paper.

December 21. 2015 - Entitled "Connecting the Blockchain to the Sun to Save the Planet" the paper goes through a detailed approach to connect solar energy produced and connecting it to a distributed ledger for electricity trade. Work started on this in mid-2014 and it was finally summarized in late 2015. Read more

Earn Interest on Your Rewards.

September 25. 2015 - A switch to the Proof-of-stake-time (PoST) protocol of blockchain securitization occured. This means that leaving your wallet running in the background on your computer will earn you about 2% annual interest, depending on how much you leave your wallet on. Read more

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  • Oct 18, 2019 - Solcrypto collaborates with SecureDataLog to bring solar datalogging for SolarCoin's to scale. Read more
  • Feb 14, 2018 - SolcryptoJV signs MOU with Japan SolarCoin Association (JSCA) to promote and educate people about SolarCoin in Japan.Read more
  • Feb 10, 2018 - Solcrypto releases our first two alpha dataloggers with KYE and KYD layers for a customer in Gunma Japan. Our order backlog is 4-8 weeks. Read more
  • Sep 13, 2017 - Solar Pi wins Smart Energy Hackathon mentored by Solcrypto. Read more
  • May 27, 2017 - Solcrypto in partnership with CoT chaired a discussion panel at Smart IoT Hong-Kong. Read more
  • May 27, 2017 - ElectriCChain ties in second to startup contest in Manila. Read more
  • May 26, 2017 - Solcrypto in partnership with CoT attended the “Trusted IoT Alliance”. Read more
  • March 20, 2017 - European Parliament welcomes SolarCoin. Read more
  • March 16. 2017 - Solcrypto presented at SmartIoT London 2017. Read more
  • December 8. 2016 - Solcrypto presented at BConference. Read more