Claim your SolarCoin

Our datalogger automatically syncs with the SolarCoin Foundation. This allows you to get your SolarCoins the easy way.

Solar Rooftop or Plant Owners



  1. Sign-up and create a user account for Solcrypto.
  2. Submit claim to Solcrypto at the "Apply for SolarCoin" Tab.
    (Solcrypto screens claim and may ask you for additional information directly via email. Solcrypto sends claim to the SolarCoin Foundation (SCF) and they independently verify the claim. SolarCoin Foundation (SCF) accepts or denies claim.)
  3. If SCF accepts the claim, they directly transmit SolarCoins to your public wallet address administered by Solcrypto.


  • To use your SolarCoin will need to download your own SolarCoin Wallet here at and follow a simple 3 step process explained there to generate your own public key wallet address.
  • Please see Step-by-step instructions here.

Neccesary Documents:

Document Name Document Type Number
Meter stating electricity generated (kWh) and time period issued by electricity company or O&M Company PDF or API link 1
Generator Facility documentation proof of ownership PDF 1
Individual link to company proof of employment/ ownership for claimant (if a company is claiming) PDF 1

Necessary Information Needed:

Information Document Type
Facility location address Latitude/Longitude
DC kWp Capacity kW
Generation facility type Photovoltaic
Generation facility size 0-10KW, 10-500kW, 500 -MW
Interconnecting utility name e.g. TEPCO, State Grid Corporation, AGL Energy, RWE, EON, EDF, Pacific Gas & Electric etc
Utility interconnection date Month/year
Company name, contact name Text
Claimant contact address Text
Claimant contact email Text
Solar Electricity Claim kWh


  • Additionally a public ledger of all transactions on the SolarCoin network are automatically updated at the SolarCoin Blockchain. Just search for the SolarCoin wallet address that you are interested in and all transaction histories will be automatically generated.
  • In the Asia Pacific, if you also like to receive support in Japanese and English, we can also work directly with the SolarCoin foundation and can be assigned as a processing agent for SolarCoins. Solcrypto receives fees from the SolarCoin foundation once your claim is processed successfully. All transaction records and fees are stated transparently.
  • All private information is stored on Solcrypto's secure databases and is kept private in accordance with Japan's privacy law. Your information will not be sold or used for other purposes. Your information will only be passed to the SolarCoin foundation in order to process the corresponding SolarCoin claim. The SolarCoin foundation does not gather any fees for processing your claims.
  • Please always be responsible for your own solarcoin wallets on your computer and take the advised security measures to protect your coins. For more information please read the FAQs section on wallet security. If you require further information, more details can be found at the FAQS page.