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What is the SolarCoin PoST Protocol


What is the SolarCoin PoST Protocol?

What is Proof-of-stake-time (PoST)?

Essentially it is an easier method to secure the blockchain that is SolarCoins base. It just needs everyone with SolarCoins on their computers to "talk" to each other every so often. These wallets tell each other that they are existing, and how many SolarCoins they have. This increases the security of the network, with no one person or group controlling it. The great part by participating in this, is the fact that you get rewarded with interest on your coins that you own. This is all done mathematically on the blockchain. This method is one of the most advanced algorithms in the cryptocurrency space.

To earn interest on your coins you need to keep your solarcoin wallet on your computer running in the background. The longer the wallet is on and actively staking (turning on the stake button in the wallet) the more interest you earn. Solcrypto will be staking on the SolarCoin blockchain 24/7 with our specialized method starting in October 2015 and users don't need to do anything different.

For more information about Proof-of-Stake-Time, please see the whitepaper here and also the official news release on the solarcoin website here.