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Our datalogger automatically syncs with the SolarCoin Foundation. This allows you to get your SolarCoins the easy way.

Datalogger for Energy Blockchain

Solcrypto is building a blockchain connected Solar datalogger.

It has been called revolutionary! A device that works with other Know-Your-Customer (KYC) protocols and also its own Know-Your-Device (KYD) protocol. A new way to generate value directly from your solar panels. Just plug and play and then gather your reward and then track it on your Coinbalance. Solcrypto has developed IoT hardware and software end-to-end technology to track solar energy production.

Datalogger Features

  • Know-Your Energy (KYE) Layer. Datalogger for Current, Voltage, Energy (kWh). Remote Login.
  • Know-Your Device (KYD) Layer.
  • DIN Rail Plug and Play Node Swapping for the KYD layer.
  • You can add temperature and additional sensors and/or pyranometer e.g. Kipp and Zonen.
  • KYD layer full SolarCoin node Satoshi 2.1.8 Version 70005. Current measurement device is KYD anchored in the SolarCoin blockchain at birth.
  • Solcrypto can also provide an additional KYD current sensor calibration service upon request as this is a necessary component for all SolarCoin blockchain datalogging.

If interested, please sign-up at our alpha test phase list here.

Sunpulse Datalogger