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Our datalogger automatically syncs with the SolarCoin Foundation. This allows you to get your SolarCoins the easy way.

Datalogger for Energy Blockchain

Solcrypto and Solar Datalogging.

It has been called revolutionary! We have been hard at work on building three versions of solar dataloggers connected to blockchain since 2014 with Solcrypto. We tested our alpha dataloggers in 2016 and 2017. Since 2018 our beta dataloggers have been on solar sites in Japan for over 1-year logging continuously. Then in early 2019 we moved to a different version of datalogging philosophy and we decided to partner with the Securedatalog platform. On the platform, the secure element hardware couples with the platform which then can serve the needs of the end user.

Solcrypto users will enjoy a 3-month free datalogging period starting February 2020. Please sign-up at the link below and make sure to use your registered email in the form.
Amazingly, the Securedatalog hardware is some of the most cutting edge hardware in the world for datalogging from IoT devices. For example, if the hardware casing is tampered with when it is armed, the datalogger immediately self destructs its dedicated logging datastream.


  • Cheap to buy hardware
  • Plug and Play, 3-clicks to setup.
  • API available.
  • End-to-end encryption.
  • If interested, please sign-up here here.

    Sunpulse Datalogger