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Day of Demos: Blockchain-IoT Consortium Kicks Off With Use Cases Aplenty

Coindesk - May 26, 2017
"The alliance was set up late last year to develop common protocol 'primitives' to merge blockchain and IoT through smart contracts using ethereum, the Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger and JP Morgan Chase’s Quorum. And, although Orr believes there will be hundreds of IoT blockchains, the alliance’s hope is that it can create interoperability between those.
About half of the room consisted of blockchain aficionados, and half were individuals and companies representing the IoT space. According to Joe Pindar, CTO and director of product strategy at Gemalto, this diversity matters as the industry tries to weed through the froth and spin."

Bitcoin and Its Blockchain Are Driving the Solar Energy Boom - Oct 24, 2016
"Bitcoin, blockchain technology and the Internet of Things are dramatically disrupting every industry sector. They’re especially disrupting the energy and utility sector, including the solar energy trading market. Coincidentally, solar energy prices continue to decline, bringing spectacular new business opportunities while protecting the environment."

Solar crypto-currency aims to sign up a million users

Solarplaza - Oct 21, 2016
"The promoters of SolarCoin, a digital asset designed to accelerate solar adoption worldwide, say it could be worth up to €30 per megawatt-hour by the end of 2019. Gaining extra revenue from SolarCoins priced at between €20 and €30 could help increase the revenues of solar asset owners, said François Sonnet, advisor to the SolarCoin Foundation and members SolarChange and Solcrypto."

Forget Bitcoin, space based crypto-currency coming 2018

The Vanguard - Sep 14, 2016
"Solarcoin, a rewards platform which rewards users with rewards for generating solar electricity, has just signed a deal with Spacebelt, to house its $5 billion cold storage treasury in data centers orbiting the earth. Rewards earned for solar generation can be converted into Bitcoins."

Decentralizing IoT networks through blockchain

TechCrunch - Jun 28, 2016
"Chain of Things is a consortium that is exploring the role of blockchain in dealing with scale and security issues in IoT. In a recent hackathon held in London, the group demonstrated the use of blockchain and IoT in a case study involving a solar energy stack designed to provide reliable and verifiable renewable data, speeding up incentive settlements and reducing opportunities for fraud."

Conference discusses how blockchain would track solar power production

Econo Times - Jun 13, 2016
"In particular, the solar power case study was presented by the node and data-logger software producer Solcrypto, Bitseed, a plug-and-play Bitcoin full node device, and the SolarCoin Foundation which distributes SolarCoin to incentivize solar power production."


巴比特 - Jun 12, 2016

Blockchain to Track Solar Power Production, Ethereum to Utilise The Data

The Cointelegraph - Jun 10, 2016
"ElectriCChain is the blockchain behind the SolarCoin digital asset. It helps to gather and publish non-confidential data related to solar owners for scientific (e.g. climate change), meteorological (e.g. weather/microclimate forecast), and financial (e.g. solar hedging/derivatives tools) applications. It is aiming to deploy a network of over 7 million of these solar power-data-logger installations around the globe, according to IEA numbers, and exceed 200 million installations within 15-25 years."

Chain of Things Solar Case Study: Blockchain+IoT Security

Intel Developer Zone - Jun 7, 2016
"With partners ElectriCChain, SolarCoin, Solcrypto, Bitseed, IOTA, and RWE, the first Chain of Things Case Study Event focused on the secure logging of solar energy production data to a distributed blockchain ledger. Through multiple case studies, Chain of Things will develop a clearer picture of what an optimal IoT+blockchain stack should include and will determine if blockchain technology is an improvement over legacy IoT security solutions."

Can blockchain save IoT from itself?

The Stack - Jun 2, 2016
"This model would identify usage and distinguish different sources of value, providing integrity for those investing across a central ‘exchange’ framework linked to the respective carbon market. An interesting concept which could help attribute value to the renewable scene whether for philanthropic groups or corporate/industrial investors."

Chain of Things Plans Blockchain IoT Security Case Study + Event with IOTA, ElectricChain, Solcrypto, Bitseed

Allcoinsnews - May 7, 2016
"Chain of Things (CoT), a consortium that supports collaborative development on an open source standard to secure Internet of Things (IoT) devices, today announced the launch of a case study on solar panels and a London conference on 1st of June 2016, covering blockchain-based IoT security."

Chain of Things Introduces 1st Case Study & Conference on Blockchain-Based IoT Security

PR Newswire - May 4, 2016
"Solar is at the root of the coming 3rd industrial revolution ; Blockchain and IoT technologies are at the crossroads of this technology and will enable it to flourish further. Today, 240GWp of solar installations have been grid connected; by 2040, the International Energy Agency expects an additional 5,000GWp of solar power, translating into upwards of 200 million decentralized solar applications. Securely linking solar production data to the ElectriCChain Blockchain will enable solar owners to share production data and help create a first of a kind global monitoring platform for Global Climate Change and Meteorological purposes." ElectriCChain - Francois Sonnet

Solarcoin- Combining Sustainability and the Blockchain.

Blockchain News - March 5, 2016
"By 2030, the International Energy Agency estimates that installed capacity could rise upwards of 900GWp and targets 5.500GWp by 2040. 98.5 BillionSolarCoins were created and set aside to reward solar energy producers."

Bitcoin is the First Digital Commodity per se. Nothing Compares.

Allcoinsnews - December 20, 2015
"You ship portable solar panels with integrated mining units so that when it is not charging someone’s phone it is mining solar coins. Those coins have a premium value due to the use of renewables. "

Bitcoin and Sustainable Mining

Bravenewcoin - July 16, 2015
"While governments and authorities look to spend billions on renewable energy with long timeframes for results, some are taking matters into their own hands. SolarCoin, an alternative cryptocurrency, intends to reward Solar electricity generation."

Why peer-to-peer payments could be as big as the internet

NEF - June 19, 2014
"Socially useful Solarcoin and Freicoin, for example, have designed theirs to explicitly stimulate more economically and environmentally sustainable investments."

Could A Solar-Powered Currency Be The Next Bitcoin?

Think Progress - February 21, 2014
"But future iterations may have a better chance of rivaling traditional currencies by following SolarCoin’s model and tying moral and social consciousness to global economics."


Social Design News - February 9, 2014

SolarCoin Cryptocurrency pays you to go green

New Scientistt - February 6, 2014
"A new cryptocurrency with a solar-powered twist could be just the incentive we need to make the shift to clean energy. While most cryptocurrencies are just themed copies of Bitcoin– Dogecoin, based on a famous internet meme, is a notable example – SolarCoins are a bit harder to earn."

Solarcoin Awards Coins for Solar Power Generation

CoinDesk - January 24, 2014
"Most altcoins seem to tweak technical or monetary principles. Here's one with a single purpose: to promote renewable energy. It's called solarcoin, and people are mining it now."

Solar Crypto-currency: SolarCoin

Energy Matters - January 27, 2014
"One of the criticisms of BitCoin is the amount of energy expended by “miners” in creating them. SolarCoin believes due to the design of its crypto-currency, it is 50 times more energy efficient than Bitcoin."